Real Estate Agent

Are you looking to move to Plano, TX? Do you already live in the area and need to sell your home so you can move elsewhere? In either case, you'll find that you really need to have an agent help you and that's where we at Deal's Estate Sales come in.

Located online at, we've been in your neighborhood for quite some time as well. As such, we don't simply see ourselves as just another business, but we see ourselves as your neighbor. To show you just how much we want to work for you as your estate sales company, we actually use your feedback to improve upon the business we run. This is part of our commitment to excellence, as is the fact that we're continually training our staff so they know precisely how to help you and answer all your questions. Even questions about having a home liquidation are not beyond their scope of knowledge whereas this would be true with most agents.

You're probably thinking that the cost of services like home liquidation that are provided by us at Deal's Estate Sales are skyrocketing. However, this really isn't the case at all. At Deal's Estate Sales, we actually offer really competitive pricing, which will oftentimes include discounts too. Once again, this goes back to how much we strive to be neighborly to the rest of the people who are living in Plano, TX today.

Obviously, you don't have to believe what you're reading here, but don't you think you should at least pick up your phone and give us a call at Deal's Estate Sales so you can see what they're all about? In all honesty, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain by doing so. As such, you really should stop hesitating and pick up your phone now.